Tactical Shotgun

This class will cover: •Stance and basic footwork. •Rapid reload techniques. •Administrative reloads techniques. •Shooting on the move. •Multiple target engagement. •Using the shotgun as a weapon in and of itself in a no shoot situation. •CQB tactics. •How to set up your shotgun •Round spreading. •Selecting the best round for home defense. •Time drills… Read More

Shooting In Defense Of Others.

Shooting In Defense Of Others. What we will cover:  Understanding and training the difference between shooting to defend yourself versus how to shoot in defense of others. Drills to develop precision shooting techniques. How to train variable skills in one drill Developing a higher need for precision in a defensive situation Drills for shooting in… Read More

Tactical Pistol 2

Tactical Pistol  2  Circle and dot drills  Combat reloads  One  handed shooting strong and support hand  Kneeling drills Shooting from retention from standing up ground Moving Pattern drills Shooting from cover all positions Shoot from cover kneeling both side strong arm Multiple Target engagement