§ Personal Protection Specialist (world wide Body Guard)

§ Tour & Security Management, advisor, instructor and trainer

§ Armed and unarmed combat

§ Wing Chun Kung Fu

Schouten has worked in security since the age of 19. He began with a company that

operated the security for all major events and concerts in Western Europe.

Schouten was then appointed as a member of an HIT team (similar to SWAT) during

concerts and major events involving 10,000 to 250,000 attendees, and was also part

of an elite team that provided personal protection for world-renowned musicians

and VIPs.

Schouten has trained in Wing Chun Kung Fu for 33 years, holds the rank of Master

Instructor under Grandmaster William Cheung, and studied Tae Kwon Do for over

seven years.

He is a highly qualified teacher of Security Education for City Watch, shop/retail

Security, Port Facilities Security Officer, Personal Protection Officer, Self Defense

Trainer of neighborhood security teams, and has trained armed and un-armed

fighting to government security offices, and multiple police departments.

Schouten was also a contributing author for the Security Handbook, “Koninklijke

Vermande”, penning the chapter, “Special Risk Group.”

Currently, Schouten operates a security company in the Netherlands (DSH Security),

and continues to provide personal protection to many VIPs around the world.

In addition, Schouten is the owner of a martial arts school in the Netherlands that

provides a various range of training courses, and features Wing Chun Kung Fu.


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