Basic Pistol Shooting Course

Presented By

SATURDAY, April 2, 2023
9:00 am – 12:00 pm
South Jersey Shooting Club
840 Piney Hollow Rd., Winslow Township, NJ 08043
Hosted by Controlled Confrontation Solutions
A full service Personal Protection Education and Training Center

Keith Mazza, Personal Protection & Security Expert, Certified NRA Firearms Instructor
John Farrace, Defensive Firearms and Tactics Instructor, Certified NRA Firearms Instructor, Utah CCP Instructor
Cash, check or credit card accepted and   PayPal payments 
Pre-registration accepted only.
Participants are responsible for purchasing and bringing ear and eye protection!
Pistol provided for course instruction or you may bring a pistol registered to you. If you are bringing your own pistol, you will need 1 box of your own ammo.
Lesson 1:  Pistol Knowledge and Safe Gun Handling

  • Identify the principal parts of a pistol and the types of pistol actions, and demonstrate how they function.
  • NRA Rules for Safe Gun Handling
  • Demonstrate how to handle a pistol in a safe manner.
Lesson 2:  Ammunition Knowledge and the Fundamentals of Pistol Shooting
  • Identify the different components of a pistol cartridge.
  • Understand the firing sequence of a cartridge.
  • How to properly identify and store ammunition.
  • Understanding the major types of cartridge malfunctions and how to react to them.
  • The fundamentals of pistol shooting.
Lesson 3:  Firing the First Shots
  • Safely demonstrate the knowledge, skills and attitude to assume a two-handed standing shooting position with a pistol.
  • Safely shoot a pistol from a two-handed standing shooting position, using the fundamentals of pistol shooting, at a target on a range.

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