Single Handed Tactical Survival  Shooting  


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Single Handed Tactical Survival  Shooting 

Sunday August 29th
9:00 am – 12:00 pm
South Jersey Shooting Club
840 Piney Hollow Rd., Winslow Township, NJ 08043
Hosted by Controlled Confrontation Solutions

Keith Mazza, Personal Protection & Security Expert, Certified NRA Firearms Instructor
John Farrace, Defensive Firearms and Tactics Instructor, Certified NRA Firearms Instructor, Utah CCP Instructor
Cash, check, credit card and PayPal payments accepted.
Paid Pre-registration accepted only. 

This class will teach the skills on how to survive a worst case combat scenarios when you only have one functional hand to use.
We will cover:

  1. Setting up your carry gun
  2. Conceal Garments
  3. Support Handed draw process. The Holster Method
  4. Support Handed draw. The Knee Method
  5. Support Handed draw. The Roll Method
  6. Support Handed draw. Behind The Back
  7. One Handed Emergency Reloads: Primary Method
  8. One Handed Emergency Reloads: Alternative Method
  9. Support Handed Emergency Reloads
  10. One Handed Malfunction Clearing Techniques: Phase One Malfunction
  11. One Handed Malfunction Clearing Techniques: Phase Two Malfunction
  12. Support Handed Malfunction Clearing Techniques: Phase Two Malfunction (locking slide to the rear with one hand)
  13. Phase 3 Clearing with One Hand (bulge round in the gun)
  14. Single hand magazine reload 

You will need:

  • a pistol registered to you
  • a strong side holster
  • magazine holder
  • 2 spare magazines
  • at least 6 dummy rounds
  • approximately 150 rounds

Single Handed Shooting


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