SUNDAY, MARCH 21, 2021 

10:00 am – 2:00 pm 

South Jersey Shooting Club 

840 Piney Hollow Rd., Winslow Township, NJ 08043 

Hosted by Controlled Confrontation Solutions 

A full service Personal Protection Education and Training Center 

Keith Mazza, Personal Protection & Security Expert, Certified NRA Firearms Instructor 

John Farrace, Defensive Firearms and Tactics Instructor, Certified NRA Firearms Instructor 


The secret to becoming adept with utilizing your firearm is dry fire training. Any seasoned professional will tell you that 95% of your training should come from dry fire training. This class will refine your live fire training utilizing laser pistols. These pistols are based on the Glock 17. Combined in this class we will also go over adrenal stress training to teach you to react and to shoot under pressure. 

This class will cover: 

1) Practice vs. training – the difference between them and how to optimally utilize both. 

2) Draw stroke patterns from conceal carry. 

3) Garment manipulation for your draw. 

4) Shooting drills to maximize your proficiency when drawing from concealment. 

5) Tactical footwork to get off the line. 

6) Turning into your target – balance of speed and precision. 

7) Adrenal Stress Training – learning how to shoot when you are under pressure. 

8) Functional fitness training combined with practical shooting. 

9) Home fitness routines designed to enhance your shooting skills. 

10) Breath control skills. 

1.You are required to bring a pistol registered to you, at least 2 magazines,  a strong side holster. 
2. You need to bring 1 50 round box of ammo

one will be supplied to you. 

COST: $200.00/pp (FEES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE) Paid registrations accepted 


Cash, check (made out to Controlled Confrontations Solutions, Attn: Keith Mazza, 3747 Church Rd., Suite 4, Mt. Laurel, NJ 08054) or 

PayPal payments accepted at: 

Adrenal Stress Class


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