Tactical Carbine 3

This 4-hour course starts with a quick review of fundamental drills and then moves right into advanced high level shooting and stress drills. The course involves high level shooting and moving drills both as an individual and in buddy teams. Students will learn proper techniques for fighting in and around vehicles using live-fire stress drills. The student will also be shown advanced building search and room clearing techniques to include follow-on rooms and hallways.

This Course willCover:

  • Review of Urban Carbine 1 and 2
    • Advanced building search and room clearing techniques
    • Using a vehicle as cover (when permissible)
    • Shooting on the move
    • Moving from cover to cover position
    • Stress drills
    • Team movement (1-2 man)
  • AR 15, M 16, M 4 series rifle/carbine
    • Estimated round count: 500 rounds carbine (Depending on location ammunition may not be available for sale)
    • 3 Carbine magazines, magazine holders
    • Sling (single point preferred or recommended)
    • Handgun
    • 3 Handgun magazines, Holster, magazine holders
    • Estimated round count: 200 rounds pistol

• Eye and ear protection
• Knee pads
• We Recommend Jeans / BDU Style Pants

(NO Shorts, NO Open Toe Shoes, NO Sweatpants Allowed!

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