Tactical Shotgun 1

Tactical Shotgun 1 is an introductory course focusing on the tactical use of a shotgun. The course will teach you how to use your shotgun in a self protective environment. You will learn practical tactical uses such as carrying your shotgun safely, mounting it on your shoulder, reloads and how to manipulate your shotgun under pressure.

This class will cover:

• Proper stance, grip and recoil management
• Administration loading and unloading
• Proper ready positions and carrying techniques
• Round selection and patterning
• Tactical reloads/combat reloads
• Ammunition changeover
• Immediate action drills-malfunctions
• Different shooting positions
• Multiple targets
• Multiple threats

What to Bring:
• Shotgun (You must bring a Shotgun registered to you to take the class!)
• Sling (single point preferred or recommended)
• 150 rounds 00 buckshot
• 20 rounds of slugs
• Ammunition holders (side saddle, belt pouch). Strongly recommend a dump pouch to carry additional rounds to the firing line
• Eye and ear protection

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