Tactical Pistol 1

This tactical pistol course will serve as an introduction to  pistol shooting for the novice shooter. The course will begin with the fundamentals of tactical shooting, such as drawing from the holster, engaging multiple targets, several shooting positions all incorporated into tactical pistol shooting drills.

This class will cover:

Tactical shooting
• Safety
• Proper grip and stance
• Gear selection and placement
• Fundamentals of shooting
• Drawing
• Multiple targets
• Shooting positions
• Malfunction Drills
• Reload Drills
• Weapon Retention

You will need to bring the following:

• Pistol (You must bring a pistol registered to you to take this class!)
 Three magazines and pouches
• Strong side hip holster; We recommend a Kydex style holster
• Sturdy Gun Belt
• Estimated round count: 250 rounds pistol (Depending on location ammunition may not be available for sale)
• 5 Dummy rounds or Snap Caps
• Eye and ear protection
• We Recommend Jeans / BDU Style Pants
(NO Shorts, NO Open Toe Shoes, NO Sweatpants Allowed!

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